XDeathlord 1.2

For you XEvil fans, here's one of my earlier works, a UNIX game called XDeathlord.  (Maybe you see a pattern in my naming choices, haha.)  Sorry, I didn't know how to program for Windows back then.

XDeathlord is a top-view player-vs-player or player-vs-computer combat game.  Play using a variety of vehicles, Tank, Hoovercraft, Land-Air-Mech, Juggernaught, Helicopter, or the special bonus vehicles available through the "New Vehicle" building.  Each vehicle has its own set of weapons, plus one "special ability".  Weapons include tank-gun, flame-throwers, missiles, mines, and drones.  I'll let you learn about the "special abilities" yourself.  Limited multi-computer play by opening multiple X-Window Displays.

I wrote this while I was still a sophmore, so take it for what it is.  However, XDeathlord is Gnu Public License, so you can do pretty much what you want with it.

The XDeathlord Instruction Manual.

Steve (Satan) Hardt